Religious Groups share their messages on Climate Change

The Pope’s encyclical on climate change is being released, and he is not the only one to be speaking out about how humans are affecting the world.

Across the world religious groups are making their views on climate change clear, and they share a common message – climate change is an urgent issue, and pointing towards a strong deal in the Paris summit this December is paramount.

Buddhism – The Dalai Lama talked about the right issues, way back in 2009. More recently, many Buddhist leaders signed a strong statement pointing out that “the time to act is now”.

Christianity – Many churches have issued statements urging action.

17 Anglican (episcopal) bishops wrote a declaration emphasizing urgency, which can be found here.

The Pope releases his encyclical on climate change tomorrow, a major event for the Catholic church. The significance of this is described here. He’s made his views clear before, saying in Mass this February that  “even for us there is a responsibility to nurture the Earth, to nurture Creation, to keep it and make it grow according to its laws.”

The spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox church, His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, made his views clear on World Environment Day 2009.

The Presbyterian church of the US released a resolution called “The Power to Change: U.S. Energy Policy and Global Warming.”

Hinduism – A climate change declaration was made in 2009, saying that “the Hindu tradition understands that man is not separate from nature.”

Judaism – Hundreds of Rabbis have joined together to tell us that “Earth needs not only the joyful human voice but also the healing human hand,” in a Rabbinic letter on the Climate Crisis. The number is going up daily.

Islam – An Islamic Faith Statement tells us that we are “the only creation of Allah to be entrusted with the overall responsibility of maintaining planet Earth in the overall balanced ecology that man found.”

Sikhism – EcoSikh released a Sikh perspective on climate change last year.

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