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Photo credit: Jim Mulroney and Gurmel Singh – Sikh Environment Day March 14th 2015


Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust. On June 12th 2016, the HKICN joined  other 236Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust actions  worldwide and organised a multi-faith prayer workshop with  the HK Bayanihan congregation in Kennedy Town to raise awareness on the first year anniversary of Laudato Si’ and the necessity to commit to a 1.5 degree limit on global temperature rise. In Hong Kong, six months after world leaders reached the Paris Agreement, we posed the simple question – why is the earth sacred? We got many inspiring answers including the poem below.

Why the Holy Earth is Sacred to Me – a poem by one of the congregation

Earth is my home since I was born. If provides all my needs and wants. It gives me dear water to drink when I am thirsty. And it cools me down when I am hot. Earth is my second mother. She takes care of me like no other

I therefore must be respectful and responsible to her. God created the earth for us to live in. We must take care of this precious gift. The trees provide life and shelter. We must stop the logging and plant more trees. The air that we breathe is rapidly deteriorating. Harming all living things. 

Human error is burning the earth. But many people still don’t know it. We must reduce, recycle and reuse. If we don’t take care of our mother. She will not be able to take care of us.

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We were delighted to join others in a day of beautiful reflection for the earth, joining more than 150 multi-faith Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust actions & events in 36 countries . Thanks go to Fr Pat Colgan,  Tess Ibanez Ubamos and Ciara Shannon for organising the event.


The People’s Pilgrimage. On September 28th 2015, the HKICN organised a climate pilgrimage with the overriding objective for people of faith in Hong Kong to walk for the planet and to pray for a positive UN climate agreement (COP 21) in Paris in December 2015.We are very grateful for Plum Village/ Lotus Pond Temple for their help in organizing the pilgrimage.

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Other Initiatives

  • Education: The HKICN will produce an education pack and website resources that will include different faiths positions (and actions) on climate change, basic facts on climate change and the UN talks. We will also include content to talk about climate change in homily’s sermons, dharma talks during this time
  • Faith Outreach: HKICN members throughout the year give climate change focused talks both to their faith community groups and to others
  • Partnerships: The HKICN works in partnership with other international faith based climate change groups such as GreenFaithOur Voices, Eco-Sikhs, Eco-Buddhism and the Global Catholic Climate Movement. In addition through its committee members it is directly linked to other faiths climate change work.
  • Prayers and Vigils: We take part in climate prayers and vigils throughout the year linking into international interfaith climate vigils and prayers and around key dates connected to the climate negotiations

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