Campaigns, Seminars and Vigils

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On the October 1st, 2015, Friends of the Earth will launch a Vege.COOLiving sharing forum that aims to create awareness about the environmental and health benefits of vegan diet and to mobilize the public to pledge a healthier and greener lifestyle. Acclaimed environmentalists, chefs and industrial experts are invited to speak on the subject and share their insight.


Please click the below link for event details and registration, 活動詳情及報名方法請參閱以下連結:

Emerging Leaders Multi-Faith Climate Convergence Rome, Italy – 27 June – 1 July, 2015

The Paris climate negotiations in December and the release of the papal encyclical this summer create a remarkable opportunity to mobilize and connect a new generation of leaders of diverse faiths on climate change. It’s a critical time, and it requires the innovative and energetic approaches that emerging leaders can offer. There are young leaders on climate and environmental issues across the world—spanning many religious and spiritual traditions, locations and styles of leadership. These leaders can benefit enormously from connecting with each other, learning they’re not alone in their beliefs and their activism, and finding out about resources and support which can deepen their work.

This is the purpose of the Emerging Leaders Multi-Faith Climate Convergence. Convergence OurVoices, a campaign of GreenFaith, the Conservation Foundation and diverse partners worldwide, will launch an international, multi-faith emerging leaders’ network for climate action, kicking off at a 27 June – 1 July Convergence in Rome for 100 or more carefully selected participants ages 21-40 from diverse religious and geographic backgrounds.

Encyclical Support Climate March, Rome, Italy – June 28th 2015


On June 28, 2015 over five thousand Catholics, brother and sister Christians, interfaith allies, and others of good will gather at Piazza Farnese in Rome and march to St. Peter’s Square under the banner “One Earth, One Human Family” amid drummers, giant puppets, and kites representing the Holy Spirit. At noon, on June 28th, wherever your time zone might be, houses of worship are invited to ring their church bells, blow their shofars, sound their gongs—in short, make a joyful noise in thankfulness for Pope Francis’ important moral message, and call attention to the urgency of the U.N. climate talks. No one group “owns” this march—it’s led by a planning team convened by Our Voices and FOCSIV, the relief and development arm of the Italian Catholic bishops.

To encourage people to ring their bells, gongs, sound shofars, sing and dance on Sunday around the world.

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June 19th 2015 – Hong Kong – Seminar on the encyclical 

Catholic Messengers of Green Consciousness (天主教綠識傳人) will be holding a seminar in Cantonese on 19 July at the Catholic Diocesan Centre, 9/F., Caine Road, in response to Pope Francis’ eco-encyclical. Cardinal Tong will give the welcoming speech and the seminar will be simultaneously broadcast worldwide over the internet to Cantonese speaking Catholics.

The People’s Pilgrimage – global – May 17th to 30th November 2015


The People’s Pilgrimage began on May 17th and Yeb Sano (the former climate change commissioner for the Philippines) as its leader will be traveling across the globe to sites of climate risk, resistance and inspiration, to share the stories of those facing climate change on the ground.  Yeb Sano makes it’s clear, it’snot just about his travels but it’s everyone’s chance to be a climate pilgrim, a climate hero and the People’s Pilgrimage is a way to show how much every organisation and pilgrim cares. It is important to make sure his story, your story and the journey of thousands of other pilgrims for climate action around the world are heard, far and wide. These pilgrimages are to places at risk, to sites causing human-made climate change (coal mines, oil pipelines, etc.), to sites of resistance where communities are fighting back and to sites of inspiration which show how we can live free from fossil fuels. Pilgrims are taking both long and short journeys – anything from a few steps if they find walking difficult, to a few miles, to across continents. They are travelling on foot and by bikeAnyone, anywhere, can take part at anytime between now and the Paris COP21 in December, which will mark the conclusion of Yeb’s Pilgrimage.

These pilgrimages are a chance to reflect on our future. But our journeys, our stories are also the key to this crisis. Every step we take, every story we share, lifts up the human face of climate change. Bringing hope to those without it, or showing the reality to those that doubt it. All of these journeys will be shared online through a special map-based storytelling platform – – showing the incredible diversity of faith climate concern and action around the world.  Every step counts. The aim is for the total number of steps taken to represent a walk at least once around the world. Let’s show our leaders how small and precious our planet is!

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Faith Earth Hour – global – 28th March 2015

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Globally the faith community is backing Earth Hour (Saturday 28th March) this year. Earth Hour takes climate, an incredibly complex issue, and makes it simple in one expressive moment involving millions of people all over the world. Amazing. It’s fun and a beautiful and symbolic event.

Click here to find out more

Our Voices has put together a set of prayers and resources for everyone to use.

Click here to sign up and download the resources.

Take this Earth Hour to talk about climate change with family and friends and see what ideas you come up with. As people of faith we need to make our voices heard, lifting up the moral, just, call for climate action. For the sake of our children, and for the sake of Vanuatu. Be sure to share any photos you take with us on social media. Use the hashtag #YourPower and tag @ourvoices2015 to make sure they see them, and can share them on!