Hong Kong’s People’s Pilgrimage For Climate Action – September 28th

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Hong Kong’s People’s Pilgrimage for Climate Action – Sept 28th 2015

In Hong Kong on September 28th, the Hong Kong Interfaith Climate Network (HKICN) organised a People’s Pilgrimage for climate action and over 200 people attended. This climate change pilgrimage is part of the global People‘s Pilgrimage – that is calling on 100% clean energy to be sure of safe future with a stable climate. A climate pilgrimage is a peaceful and positive way for everyone, of all faiths and none,  to share our hopes and fears about climate change and to unite our voices and walk for 100% clean energy and a strong and binding UN climate agreement in Paris in December (COP 21).


Brief talks from the Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism, an introductory talk on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) climate negotiations, an overview on Lantau’s rich flora and fauna and a brief history of Lantau’s monasteries.


We then had our lunch in silence, sang some songs

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We then began our walk down to Shek Mun Kap (5km) – walking down a stunning mountain trail (elevation of 500 meters) and a monastic pilgrimage route.


We ended at 3.30pm with a celebration at Shek Mun Kap led by the Sikh community.


People of all faith and none, joined us and it was a thoughtful and fun, interfaith climate day. Thank you to all those who came and all those who helped make it possible.

Q: Who runs the People’s Pilgrimage? The People’s Pilgrimage was set up by OurVoices and other groups from around the world, and across faiths. The People’s Pilgrimage isn’t owned by anyone and is powered by everyone who takes part. Every step counts, and we hope we can say to the world leaders gathered in Paris that we have, together, walked at least once around the world by then to show our concern about climate change. This is symbolically powerful and a beautiful way to illustrate the human upswell of concern about climate change. See a video here:

Q: My church, mosque, community, school, synagogue, NGO, friends want to support the global People’s Pilgrimage and find out more – how do we do this? Visit the People’s Pilgrimage website to learn more and sign up to their global climate petition

Q: Can I do my own People’s Pilgrimage? Yes, please do – a People’s Pilgrimages can include a small number of people and needn’t be a long distance. Every step counts. Go to the People’s Pilgrimage site to find out more and make sure you log your pilgrimage there

Q: When is the global People’s Pilgrimage ending? The People’s Pilgrimage ends in December 2015 at the time of the UN climate talks in Paris (COP 21). 

Q: What is The People’s Pilgrimage asking politicians to do? We want 100% clean energy to be sure of safe future with a stable climate. We are also asking our leaders to have the courage, imagination and generosity to work through difficulties and bring the world to a meaningful climate agreement which keeps global average temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius.

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